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According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index global forecast for 2015 - 2020, mobile data traffic will grow 8-fold, a compound annual growth rate of 53%;  mobile data traffic will reach 30.6 Exabytes per month by 2020 (the equivalent of 7,641 million DVDs each month), up from 3.7 Exabytes per month in 2015; mobile data traffic will reach an annual run rate of 366.8 Exabytes by 2020, up from 44.2 Exabytes in 2015 and mobile data traffic will grow 2 times faster than fixed IP traffic from 2015 to 2020. It simply reinforces the view that insatiable demand is driving constant Internet Bandwidth growth and expansion, with service providers needing to find solutions that satisfy the needs of their clients.

We understand large scale network deployment with our SPEED CARRIER DWDM System, which helps us to meet back-haul, intra-data centre and high capacity connection requirements of many carriers and service providers. Our solution provides:

  • Up to 10G services with a migration path to 40G and support up to 80 DWDM channels
  • A wide range of interfaces (8 x 1g, 4 x 2.5g, 5 x 2g, HD & SD Video etc)
  • A single system that addresses Metro, Regional, and Long Haul applications
  • Up to 300km with no repeaters and up to 2500km with amplifiers
  • Optical multiplexers (Mux/DeMux) and optical amplifiers (OA).
  • Small footprint & low power requirement

In addition we can provide the network 'glue' for IP networks, including ISDN and circuit emulation. We have proven ability to connect legacy networks over newer IP network solutions including TDM & ISDN traffic over IP, and connectivity from fibre converters to cables. Whilst this may be a relatively small part of the total customer requirement, having this capability may just help in clinching the deal with a new customer. This 'Anything to Anything' capability to connect all kinds of devices to IP, fibre & copper networks is one key reason why many organisations turn to Lanode.

We're also experiencing strong interest from the sector in our Multi-Service Access Nodes (MSAN's), Ethernet First Mile Services (EFM) and Power Management solutions.

  • Our MSAN's feature the XMP1 which is a modular, flexible and highly integrated Multi-Service Access System within a single network element, that switches signals on 8/64 kbps level for PDH and VC-12, VC-3 and VC-4 level for SDH. While the XMP1-LCC STM16 (Large Cross-Connect) is a compact SDH/PDH/Ethernet cross–connect multiplexer which unites high cross-connect capacity and a high number of interfaces in a compact 3 HU subrack.
  • The UMUX family is a Next-Generation Multi-Service Access System that is deployed by public and private network operators worldwide in over 100 countries. Providing a variety of applications it offers extensive multi-service capabilities, ranging from traditional data services to VoIP media gateway functions.
  • The MileGate is a modern IP-MSAN that can support you in expanding your network so that it is fit for the future. With its extensive multi-service characteristics, MileGate combines carrier grade broadband access, telephony and data interfaces in one single, compact Next-Generation Access platform.
  • The XMC20 Full Hybrid Multi-Service Access & Transport Platform operates as a centralized MPLS-TP switch, supporting state-of-the-art Packet-based Transport Networks (PTNs), to achieve the highest reliability in the market today (e.g. sub 50 ms switchover times). Simultaneously, it can operate as a SDH/PDH multiplexer for TDM transport networks achieving hitless switchovers in case of link failures. Having such a broad set of services and different technologies from one network element allows great flexibility in the total engineering of the solution.
  • Our Power Management Systems increase availability of network infrastructure by monitoring and controlling power outlets - switching them on and off remotely. Additionally they measure input voltage, current and active power.
  • Our FRM220 is an in-band Managed Multi-Service platform 2U high 19" Rack, 20 slot modular media converter rack. It provides an economic solution in high density fibre converter installations in enterprises or central offices. All critical components, Power, fans, management module and interface cards are hot swappable, allowing online field replacement.
  • The introduction of EFM copper bonding technology allows delivery of higher bandwidth to longer distances over multiple copper pairs, enabling a good alternative in places where fibre is not economical to deploy. EFM-X0 is an Ethernet Network Extender designed to provide bonded high-speed Ethernet First Mile services over SHDSL on existing copper infrastructure.
  • Finally, built on a rich history of innovation and a reputation based on field proven performance and reliability, the Actelis Networks’ Ethernet over Copper aggregation switches, access devices, and repeaters enable network operators to get more high performance, reliable bandwidth to more places. By doing it over copper using the EFMplus suite of transmission technologies, we also do it quicker and at much lower cost. Actelis makes both G.SHDSL and DMT (VDSL2)-based EFM over Copper solutions, as well as ADSL and VDSL Broadband Amplifiers (the VBA and ABA). These BBAs enable delivering higher speed access to residential subscribers by enhancing the performance of any vendor’s DSLAMs.