Direct Attach Cables and Active Optical Cables

Direct attach cables DAC and Active optical cables AOC

Direct Attach Cables (DAC)

DAC's are great way to connect network equipment, servers and storage devices that all reside within the same rack. DAC's tend to operate up to distances of up to 15m

Benefits of DAC's

  • Greater cost saving when compared to dedicated optical modules
  • Lower power consumption that active optical cables
  • A more robust, durable copper cable construction

Active Optical Cables (AOC)

AOC's are used when connecting equipment in different racks. Their design lends themselves to greater transmission distances of up to 100m

Benefits of AOC's

  • Achieve greater transmission distances when compared to DAC
  • Lighter weight and much reduced size
  • Impervious to electromagnetic interference, perform with a better Bit Error Ratio.

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