PacketBand End of Life notice

PacketBand 4B

Transition Networks have announced plans to discontinue a couple of model numbers within their Packetband product line. Listed below are the discontinued model numbers along with their product descriptions.

Discontinued P/N :

PB-ISDN-4B-SW-AC PacketBand ISDN, 4 PRI, 4 RJ45 packet, 120 logical links

Possibly the worlds smallest Gigabit PoE+ media converter

Small PoE Converter

The TN-MGE-PSW-PSE-01 is a Gigabit Ethernet media converter with POE+ capability. Its compact size of only 46 x 85 x 22m makes it very likely to be the worlds smallest.  Ideal for deployment where space is at a premium the TN-MGE-PSW-PSE-01 is perfectly suited to take advantage of the increased distances fibre has to offer whilst also providing power to PoE devices such as IP phones, cameras and WiFi access points.

SoGEA test set addresses new demand for naked broadband

Argus153-SO SoGEA Tester
BT's withdrawal of analogue services means SoGEA will become the predominant method to deliver both voice and data over the copper network. SoGEA is a BT Openreach product that delivers high speed broadband or dedicated Ethernet without a companion PSTN line. Additional voice services will be delivered 'over the top' via VoIP. Reliable SoGEA is paramount for communications providers who utilise BT infrastructure to provide their services.

Lanode announce the launch of NEMA 4X / IP66 Gigabit switch for outdoor use.

Outdoor IP66 Gigabit swirch

Sept 10, 2020

Lanode Ltd a leading provider of edge connectivity solutions, today announced that they are to distribute the new SESPM1040 from Transition Networks. This unique product meets the growing demand for Ethernet connectivity in outdoor and remote locations.

The SESPM is housed in a NEMA 4X, IP66 enclosure which enables it to be mounted on a wall, lamppost or directly to any appropriate external surface. The unit may be directly powered via AC or DC supplies, or can even derive its power via PoE.

GPON testing added to Intec's Argus range


Intec have launched a new upgrade for existing users of the Argus 163 and 166 testers to cater for the growth in Passive Optical Networking.

GPON testing is now available for all current ARGUS testers equipped with an SFP interface.  Customers can upgrade their tester by the simple addition of the GPON SFP proving both basic and full installation tests.

The basic test enables a guided measurement sequence and automatic OK/Fail result.  The target attenuation can be entered as threshold val

Lanode launches an Industrial 24 Port Gigabit Switch with 16 PoE+ Ports and 1588v2 PTP Precision Timing



The IGS-1608SM-16PH is a managed, industrial grade, layer 2 Gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch that provides 16 x Gigabit ports and 8 x SFP ports with up to 16 ports of 30W PoE.

PoE enables power and data to be transferred over the network, considerably reducing cabling and electrical wiring expenses. The advanced PoE management supports automatic testing and reset, if necessary, for end devices allowing for seamless recovery and a reduction in operational expenses.