Secure your data, at rest and in motion

Cyber security can be a complex task. Our range of security products help alleviate this complexity by providing defence in depth against a large array of cyber threats. Lanode has a range of cyber solutions to provide highly robust architecture that secures your data, your network, and your devices within. We operate across a broad range of sectors from Central Government and her agencies, to large enterprise, utilities, transport and many others.

Key Management

Our Hardware Security Modules (HSM's) provide strong key management within an independently certified FIPS140-2 level 3 cryptographic boundary.  Our HSM's perform key generation, key management and cryptographic operations for Enterprise and Government and any organisation requiring strong security for many applications including :-

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Code signing
  • Document signing
  • Cryptographic key storage
  • Data encryption
  • Regulatory compliance
Hardware Security Modules - HSM

Suitable for use in cloud companion, networked and off-line (air-gap) environment the HSM can be integrated via a suite of standard protocols - PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI/CNG and Java JCE.

Network Encryption

Our range of encryption appliances accommodate not only Ethernet & IP networks but also low speed SCADA RS232 applications, high speed serial as well as TDM voice and data.

Network Encryption Appliance

Conceived with ease of deployment in mind our appliances are simple to configure. The crypto can be easily 'dropped in' to provide rapid protection in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and full mesh environments. Automated key management provides key generation and distribution eliminating the operational and maintenance overhead of managing an encrypted network with manual key distribution

Strong encryption is provided via FIPS approved AES 256 hardware security modules. Our crypto appliances add proven security to networks without having to disrupt existing hardware with reconfiguration, upgrades and add-on encryption accelerators.

Network Encryption Diagram


Data Diodes

Gigabit Ethernet Data Diode

Unidirectional data diodes provide defence against a broad range of external, cross domain and insider cyber threats that traditional security appliances are just not designed to deal with. Data Diodes protect secure networks and sensitive data from compromise. They stand guard between domains where unrestricted two-way communications would increase the risk of penetration, malicious attack and data loss. Data Diodes Lanode's Data Diodes execute their key functions in hardware. Enclosed within tamper-resistant cases, there is no vulnerable software, firmware, memory that can be exploited to attack and surreptitiously alter or disable Unidirectional operation.

Data Diode diagram1


To find out more about how Data Diodes and Encryption can be deployed in your network contact us :-

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